Openvia transaction management - OTM

manage your user trips

SaaS – forget about costly deployments

Real Time transactions and trips

Flexible to adapt to your road or urban environment

Who is it for?

OTM is designed for Road Operators, DoTs and Admnistrations for several scenarios: tolling schemes, low emissions zones, road user charging, and many others

An Openvia Service

otm service

in the openvia platform

Your service platform for all your needs


designed by and for operators

Openvia Mobility…

Practice makes perfect

We know about your traffic and highway operation.  We also know the only way you truly understand a subject is by operating in real environments. 

The best road credentials

Our OTM is used in highways located in the US, Costa Rica, Spain and Portugal.  With OTM you’ll be able to use the most flexible Back office services

Learn from the very best

You can find us here


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